Coaching Methodology for Teachers in Secondary Schools (CoMeIn)

The global aim of the CoMeIn projects is to contribute to prevention of school leaving at secondary education level in Bulgaria, France, Poland, Slovenia and Turkey. Our idea is to equip teachers in the countries involved with the necessary knowledge, skills and tools to motivate and inspire students for learning by development and pilot testing of Coaching Methodology. The Methodology will allow for secondary teachers of all subjects to apply coaching methods in the classroom to support the learning of all students.

Our objectives:

  • To develop Coaching methodology for teachers in secondary schools in 6 European languages (BG, FR, PL, SL, TR and EN);
  • To carry out pilot training sessions with secondary teachers from 5 European countries for application of the Methodology;
  • To carry out pilot coaching sessions of pupils in all countries involved to test the effectiveness of the Methodology;
  • To evaluate the impact of introducing the Methodology and offer recommendations to national and European stakeholders for its wider application.

Producing Coaching Methodology for Teachers in Secondary Education will:

  • Create prerequisites in the participating countries to implement successful prevention of early leaving at secondary education;
  • Increase self-confidence of teachers and improve their skills to react to the various and dynamically changing demands of students;
  • Raise students' motivation to learn and stay in school.